“I’ve always liked the time before dawn because there is no one around to tell me who I’m supposed to be. So it’s easier to remember who I am.”


My favorite gift I received this christmas was this leather bracelet from my cousin. It’s by story people.

Story People. Something my Nana is very familiar with. She has encouraged me to write down a little bit of every semester while I’m in college. What I’ve learned. Who I’ve met, loved, and lost. This is my story.

Study a week in advance before an exam. It reduces a huge amount of stress and improves your test scores. Shocker. But you’d be surprised of how many of my friends waited until the last minute to study(not study) and ended their semester with a 2.5. I ended with all A’s and one C. 3.6GPA.

Stop drinking at 12. Whether you have work in the morning, class, or absolutely nothing to do the next day, stop drinking after 12. There is no reason to consume mass amounts of alcohol after midnight. Most likely you’re already drunk, and there is no reason to get too stupid. Throwing up shouldn’t be a thing. Unless your bulimic or if you’re into that kind of stuff.

Do not miss one class because then you’ll miss them all and make up excuses not to go to any other ones for the rest of the week. Go to class. Always. Attendance points make a big difference at the end of the semester.

So I’ve begun reading a book,“Dark side of the light chasers” a novel by Debbie Ford.  It’s taught me that we all have shadows.  These characteristics that we do not like among the people that we surround ourselves are actually characteristics of us. That is why those particular shadows make us angry/sad/uncomfortable because they are what we do not like about our own selves.  So what do you do? I’m learning that you use this as a learning experience.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year


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