Jetlagged. I am awake at 6:30am, my first morning in Oman. (Speaking of jetlagged, I’m typing this at 4:40am, Day 2) My day begins with coffee at 7am. Tara and I meet her husband Marlin for lunch at the GrandMall and shortly after it follows with meeting her friends Vita and Jessica for tea at Chado.  We introduce ourselves and visit for awhile and then decide to take a drive to Ruwi another area of Muscat.  As explained to me, Ruwi is old Muscat.  It is just as beautiful as Qurum or Matrah.  We drive past the dive center, where all westerners go to the beach, one of the many castles of the Sultan of Oman, and the huge resort that houses an amusement part in Ruwi that we may be going to this weekend.  At that resort, we stop in to use the “toilets.” Don’t ask where the restroom is because that doesn’t make sense. “Where are the toilets?” Before leaving, towards the door, there were little cups, and a pot of Omani coffee.  Of course we had some. You pour it into a cup smaller than your palm and follow the sip with a bite of a date.  A prune looking sweetener that gives your drink of coffee a kick.

The roads in muscat are parallel to the mountains on one side, and the beach on the other.  The rocky Western Al Hajar Mountains are breathtaking. We have mountains in Arkansas, but nothing like this. I’ll have to take more pictures.  After cruising around, we stop at Starbucks. More coffee.  Omani’s love their coffee and tea as you can tell. It was so casual and I found that fascinating. Vita tells me that I’ll be addicted before I leave.  Although, ask any of my friends back home, tea is my forte.  I’m right where belong. 🙂

Driving around, Tara emphasizes the importance of status here. Apparently, the lower the license plate number, the higher in society one appears. Wealth can be displayed just by a license plate alone!  Some people, like Tara for example, get the luck of the draw, and their tags get randomly selected.  Her 6000 or so tag is just a tag, but to some it means much more than that.  Some people pay up to 25,000 if not more to get a single digit, or even a consecutive number(444). Reading this, you may think, wow that is nuts….but what about the thousands of dollars some woman in America pay to own a David Yurman cuff.  I use this example, because as a college student at the University of Arkansas, I see these cuffs quite often around the wrists of many southern belles.  Ranging from $800-$7,500. WHAT! For a bracelet? They are beautiful don’t get me wrong, but they are expensive.  A different expense, in comparison to a $25,000 car tag, but expensive nonetheless.  Neither of these are abnormal, because to those who have that tag or David Yurman bracelet, it is nothing but normal.

I borrowed this from my best friend Devyn’s Facebook~


After I saw this, I kept reminding myself of what this said each time I saw something unusual on my drive around with Tara, Vita, and Jessica.  A lot of things that I had never been exposed to before, I am experiencing now.  Overwhelming and exciting all at the same time.




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