Working at Lewis and Clark Outfitters this afternoon, a customerAndrew Hubble, came up to me at the register with a patagonia jacket marked down, ready to check out. I put his information in the computer and informed him of our YES return policy. Little did I know, he was our store’s Superfeet Representative. Which means, he comes to our store all the time, and performs clinics to employees about his company’s product. I had never been able to make it to a clinic, so I hadn’t seen him before. We carried on a conversation, and he then asked me what shoe size I was…he ran out to his car, and returned with 2 Superfeet insoles, size 8, just for me! For FREE! Such a genuine gesture from a former outdoor enthusiast. These insoles can be up to $40.00 retail and I was lucky enough to score 2 with no charge. This guy was way cool, and I hope Superfeet knows how great of employees they have. I can’t wait to rep my superfeet in my converse and running shoes. I’ll be sure to tell all my friends about how great they are. Thanks again Superfeet.

Andrew, they fit perfectly in my red converse, and nike frees. You rock.



I love people,


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