August 28th, 2014 | Thursday

I had mentioned in my previous blog about how I was making a video of what home was to me. It includes all my favorite things, people, places, and memories. Thanks to everything and everyone for making it so easy to love coming home. Check it out!

Home sweet holy cow college is hard…
All summer long, I was excited to get back to my normal routine. Work, school, friends, college kid stuff. But 4 days in, and I’ve forgotten what it feels like to be busy ALL. THE. TIME. Aaaand what it feels like to want to rip your hair out ALL. THE. TIME. You get to the point where you know you have so much to do in a short period of time that your mind almost feels like mush. Delusional even. I can’t help but think about all of the wonderful things/places I’d rather be seeing. Friends/family/Europe/Qatar~ Anything really. Summer 2015 couldn’t come quick enough.

Although college is tough-the thought of actually having to be a grown up is even tougher. Yesterday, I was sitting in Kimpel Hall with my friend Emily, and we were talking about how so many things are going to change in the next YEAR. She’s applying to nursing school, I’m applying for internships, international programs, my other friends are considering studying abroad/transferring schools, getting engaged, etc. Grown up stuff. And that means….no more ThursdayFridaySaturday, Sunday nights every weekend with my best friends. Grown ups don’t have friends do they? That’s why they bother us right? Please tell me y’all have friends? A/my family is wonderful, but no offense mom, I’m not willing to take you to Hill Place to play beer pong with Pike boys.  Although, college consists of studying plenty and meeting new people, the weekends sure make it a lot more fun.

I’ve begun my first semester of Arabic this week and I’m shocked at how much I’ve already learned. I really enjoy it.  I also have begun to start planning my next trip abroad. Thanks to the U of A Study Abroad Office, I will be spending the next few days filling out applications for financial aid, and scholarships to hopefully cover the majority of my expenses in the Middle East or wherever I decide to go.

MarHaba, Ana ismi Jamie Nix. Ana min madiinat Fayetteville bi Arkansas. Shukran….for reading?? I’m not there yet.  I’ll get there!

Hello, My name is Jamie Nix. I am from the city of Fayetteville in Arkansas. Thank you for reading LOL



One thought on “Home is where NWA is

  1. Jamie,
    You will never know how proud I am of you.
    I always knew, someday you would do something big and go far in life and have many friends in life.
    You were always such a strong willed lil girl.
    Grans and I would often say, Ooohhh look out world, when this lil one has grown up!!
    You will always be a daughter from another mother to me.
    You have always been a part of our family, we love you!

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