This week was spent well in Spain with Jess and we celebrated my 21st birthday drowning in  tapas & sangria. It’s crazy because being here makes us miss Morocco that much more! Our host familie’s company, the dirham, and the Arabic language. The euro is kicking our butt and I’ve been catching myself wanting to say “Shukran,” every time I’m supposed to say gracias. (thank you in Arabic) I miss practicing my Arabic and hearing it everywhere! It’s weird because last week I was missing Arkansas as my home and now it’s Meknes. We can’t wait to see Fouzia, Omar, and Soufiane! 

Although, traveling alone is teaching me plenty. is a great resource for anyone without an international plan or wifi. You can navigate any country as long as you download it with wifi before you go out! 
I’m seeing some incredible places that I will share when my camera is next to my computer. Sevilla tomorrow! 





Hasta Luego,



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