Seville deserves a post entirely on its own. We stayed in the historic district at Seville Inn Backpackers which is blocks away from the Giralda Minaret and the Catedral. Arab architecture, Roman influence, and a Spanish essence define this city. It is truly remarkable! It’s on my list of places to go back to and I suggest all of you to witness it yourself. Jess and I were in love!
Unfortunately, I only got a few pictures because we were there for less than 15 hours and every minute was spent touring the city and meeting locals thanks to our hostel. They had a free tour of the Jewish Quarters, unlimited sangria on the terrace and a pub crawl with other hostels for only 3€!! We met so many people that were traveling the world and had been to places that I’ll be going to too shortly after Morocco this December. They gave us advice on Berlin, Prague, Budapest, and a lot of places that I can’t wait to see now. Our new friend Ben is jumping continents for a year, while Finley is taking a gap year before he begins college to explore Spain, Turkey, and maybe Prague and Berlin with us because we think we convinced him to come too, & Damian, who was working in the hostel temporarily for free room/ board and an awesome stay in Seville. There were many others and I hope we all cross paths on our journeys again someday.

So obviously the first question anyone asks you when traveling apart from your name is “where are you from?” It’s been cool to say that I’m not only from Arkansas in the states, but I’m living in Morocco. Jess and I have convinced everyone we’ve met to visit Meknes or any part of Morocco. I’ve also found myself explaining Arkansas to all of my new friends because many people seem to still think we’re a bunch of red necks. It probably didn’t help that to the pub crawl I wore overalls and chacos, but I think I defended the Ozark’s pretty well.
A guy we met in the hostel said something that stuck out to me and I wanted to share it with you. “There’s great hospitality everywhere, you just have to meet the right people.” It put a few things into perspective for me because that was the main selling point we were saying to why people should visit Morocco, when it’s so much more than that. The people you meet really define a space. I recommend Seville Inn Backpackers to anyone passing through Spain. They organized a way for us to meet some awesome people that made our experience in the city. We discussed the rule of government, religion, and morality over cervazas until 5am. It. Was. A . Trip.

Pa arriba’, pa’ bajo, pa’ al centro, pa’ dentro🍻 Something like that~

We will see you again Sevilla,



 Waiting for the train in Tangier 

Jewish Quarters

Ferry ride to Tangier

Tarifa, on the bus

Giralda, a twin Minaret to the one in Marrakech in Seville, Spain


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