We get settled in by playing guitar on the roof, and Hussain, the key holder, began telling us about a celebration going on in the village.  

(Omar takes better pictures than me on my own camera) 
A Moroccan wedding. Yes, we’ve been fortunate enough to attend two of them in the past month. I can’t explain how much I’ve learned from them. These occasions are rich with so much tradition and community. Everyone is invited. When I say everyone, I mean even strange American girls staying in a farm for the night.

   Hussain welcomed us to his house with open arms and even Standard Arabic for us to practice. I met about 5 or 6 Moroccan girls that were between the ages of 12 and 15 who lived in this village. They were in school, so they spoke French, Arabic, and their native language Berber. It was incredible communicating with them because we had no other way than to slowly practice my fusHa Arabic. Within minutes, they warmed up to me with questions about America, my Habibi (boyfriend), and every little detail about my life. I kept telling them thank you and how nice they were to me (I need to practice my vocabulary). They were confused because I was so welcome and being nice wasn’t something foreign to them. It was who they are. Their character. They circled around me with questions and sang my favorite Arabic song, Zina. I’m in awe with how much these sweet young girls taught me in such little time. I will try my best to post pictures and videos for you to witness how beautiful this weekend was. 

I told you Morocco was good for my soul. 



 I want to thank three guys who have become some amazing friends of ours since we’ve arrived in Meknes: Omar, Tarek, and Zyad. They have showed us the hidden gems and everything in between. Not only have we had the most fun with them, but every day they teach me something new about myself. These are friends I hope to have for life and one day show them around my hometown. I’ll introduce them to our customs, traditions,    friends, and way of life. Shukran bzaaf boys!!   



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