Growth is weird, awkward, uncomfortable, and incredible all at the same time.

The most important thing I’ve observed throughout traveling is my change in perception. A few posts ago, I mentioned struggling to identify with in the Islamic society. I asked, “Was there room for diversity?” 

After hanging out with a group of friends I’ve made here in Meknes, I’ve realized that this was in my control. In order to feel this sense of belonging that I thought I was missing… it was entirely up to me. I separated myself from many people around me unintentionally as if we didn’t share as many things as we do. 


How do we define a culture?

How we worship

How we communicate with one another

How we help one another

How we love

How we express ourselves 

How we innovate

How we explore

How we celebrate

How we govern

How we respect another individual

What are the nuances within different cultures?

As an international student recognizing the universality of a global culture, I’m happy to see our similarities and respect our differences.

They say studying abroad changes your life, but it’s changes who you are.  


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