We spent the past three days on trains, planes, ferries, and taxi’s but we’ve made it! We will be in Molyvos the next week volunteering with the Starfish Foundation in Molyvos, Lesvos Island, Greece in response to the refugee crisis of Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan. I’m going to try and post our experiences and travel tips that would have been helpful to have on our trip, that way if any of you reading this are interested, can follow our lead.

So far we have learned that things can and will go wrong, so plan accordingly.

Fes, Morocco >> London, England: RyanAir $22

London, England >> Athens, Greece: RyanAir $50

Athens, Greece >> Mytilini, Lesvos, Greece: Hellenic Seaways $20 Economy (12 hours)

Mytilini >> Molyvos Village: Taxi $70

Arrival: Friday 13th, 2015


Jessica and Carson at The Captain’s Table in Molyvos. This restaurant is the heart of the volunteer organization. Showing up here, we were greeted with open arms and will report back in the morning for our schedules for the week. 
We begin tomorrow. Sending our love from Greece!



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