Honesty, I haven’t got a clue where to begin. Today was dumbfounding, absolutely infuriating, and incredible all at the same time. Although, I can’t even put into words what I experienced today, I met loads of amazing people who left everything they ever accomplished, dreamed of, lived for, succeeded in, and invested in…all behind. Doctors, teachers, mothers, fathers, children left everything in a war zone from which they were fleeing from. I met Syrians, Afghani’s, Irani’s, Iraqi’s, and many other HUMAN BEINGS that came to us in the refugee camp looking for a safe haven from the Mediterranean harbor.  It’s insane how no one back home cares about this vast humanitarian crisis happening on this side of the world.

I do realize that those in America are living their lives and focusing on their well being, but these kind hearted, beautiful souls that I’ve met are fighting each day to keep their family on the same bus. Hoping to all go to the same refugee camp. It’s real and it’s scary.

I called my boyfriend to tell him about my day and he admired my friends and I for our big hearts. I’m more sad that we are admired for our good hearts and that there aren’t more people living for theirs.

I wish I could make people care.

I wish I could make them understand.

It’s as if we have just accepted these terrible stacks of cards that we’ve been dealt in this world and we give up. We lose. Instead of trying to do something about all of this bullshit, we accept it.

 I’m hesitant to post photographs from what we saw today because of everything in the media today. 

I am not writing this post to make you feel sorry for these people, but realize that this could be you. The people I saw today aren’t poor village Arabs that don’t want to live in their country anymore…they are regular people that were charging their smart phones at the outlet station hoping to contact family members that were left in Syria. They left everything they had to survive.

“Sympathy’s easy. You have sympathy for starving children swatting at flies on the late-night commercials. Sympathy is easy because it comes from a position of power. Empathy is getting down on your knees and looking someone else in the eye and realizing you could be them, and that all that separates you is luck.” – Dennis Lehane


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