The demographics of the 2016 election have represented several factors that have produced an unpredictable outcome. Major gaps in gender and education are the primary upsets that contributed to Trump’s won against Clinton. While more post-graduates voted for Clinton, an overwhelming amount of people without college degrees, voted for Trump. Many middle class constituents have justified voting for trump based on how they have been affected in the workforce. With a high number of white male voters casting their voice against the establishment, this has resulted in electoral college votes in more rural regions to count for more than the urban regions for example Wyoming in comparison to California or Nebraska vs. Maine. Only states that represented clear population unlike others can win by 1 vote for certain political parties in the electoral college. This causes ones vote in Wyoming to be 3X more important than California. This implication has fed the narrative of, “Real Americans live in rural states.” Their votes emphasizes the narrative of the real America with land owners having more stake. Rural states can win electoral college with 44% of the population.

The Electoral College was originally derived from southern states 3/5 compromised vote where states don’t get disenfranchised from the system with the majority of the labor force made up of slaves. With slaves making up a large part of their industry, this was a conservative way to consolidate the votes of the confederation of states. We see how evident this is with the majority vote belonging to Hillary Clinton and the densely populated cities, with a higher rate of college graduates, minorities, and many other factors that play into the results. On the contrary, there was a shocking number of black votes that Trump still gained with 88% and 8% in comparison to Obama’s win with 98% back in 2012. In addition to this, the amount of women that voted for Trump was much closer than I would have expected. There was still a huge gap in comparison to male voters for trump, although there was still a fair amount of woman who could have given their votes to Clinton had they not voted for third party candidates.

I would be curious to see the results of the election has Bernie won the democratic nominee because there was a large number of voters that were still undecided days prior to the election. Also, there was a substantial amount of voters that Pew Research indicated to have believed the economy is in a poor state when there have been many scholars and studies that have said it is improving and growing regardless of the trade deals that Trump blames the establishment for. The alt-right movement was a huge part in the growing phenomenon behind Trump. All in all, the outcome of the election was extremely disappointing. If we look at voting alternatives to the electoral college, we may see avenues in the popular vote, or redistributing powers and weight for the urban areas in comparison to the rural regions.


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