Analysis of Jim Crow & Voter ID Laws

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The photos display the extremity and origin of segregation laws that took place starting in 1877 to 1960s. The Jim Crow laws were regulations put in place that suppressed people of color in many socioeconomic aspects of life from the bus station, waiting rooms, schools, and even voting booths. People of color were often subject to tests like the photo above on the right, a Literacy Test. While most people even at the college age couldn’t complete the test, neither could “suspected” illiterate people that were encouraged to voice their opinion at the polls.

The photo in the middle on the left is an example of how the Jim Crow laws were not only racial, but caste-like. The receipt of a poll tax is shown to display the level of inequality in terms of who would be able to afford to vote. These attempts to hinder the poor or minority vote was put in place by the white authority out of irrational fears. Prior to the Jim Crow laws, the fact that slaves were only worth 3/5ths vote says a lot about where these regulations derived from. How dehumanizing is that to not only limit those from voting, but to suggest that one person’s vote based on their skin color is worth more than another.

More recently, we have seen voter suppression since the 1990s, where entire black precincts were unanimously not accounted for during elections. In 2016, there is a common phenomenon about a provisional ballot, which can often be given to suspected voters, elderly, minority, and/or anyone that may be of reason to question their ballot. This has been an alarming effort to disenfranchise voters from certain backgrounds. There has also been efforts to eliminate DMVs in states such as Alabama and Georgia therefore, limiting access to registered state identification.

One may also argue, that as the Republican continue to hold leverage in the house, they will continue to keep this power if things are not changed at the grass roots level i.e. acknowledging the voting system needs to be readdressed, critiqued, and corrected through continued research and speculation. By accepting the new norm, this will only adhere to the picture at the top right where regulations such as Jim Crow laws are put into place and deemed admissible.